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Be a stealthy kidnapper and enter houses to catch women ad keep them in your van. For now the game is limited but it would be update and i am planning to add a whole city and hideouts, etc...


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I love your game just wanted to say keep up the good work! I'm checking in almost once a week for the new update, real excited.

Hi there, i thank you a lot for liking my game and the kind words. Sadly i´m busy and not very healthy lately so for now it is a bit in a stop. But someday it will come, i´m not leaving this project abandoned, but cannot say when it will come.

Hey.It has been a while since the last update.You taking your time to implement awesome stuff or have you given up on the game?

Hello there. I don't give up on the game but having some difficulties lately. I don't really know when a new update would be available.

How to kidnapped Liutenant?

1) Buy info on BlackMarket

2) Go to docks and search open crates till one gets you to the ship

3) Overcome security and guards, grab her and exit the ship via the same crate you came

Hope it serve :) thanks for playing!

Hey there! I found a bug during a casual playthrough. I was doing a 'one group a time' run for residential, and when I kidnapped the blonde sisters at the lower-right house, one of them didn't show up. Or rather, she was replaced, with the older woman from the lower-left house. They're both in the same section of the cell when they're all captured, so maybe that has something to do with it. It's easy enough to just go out and capture said older woman and get the sister I think, however still, little bug found, and now reported!

A lot of thanks for the report i´ll fix it at once :D please keep me posted of the little mistakes you found, that´s essential for this game to be as good as i pretend

 You are very welcome! And will do!

I love thi s gäme its kind of ä big fäntäsy you cän live but it would be soo cool to häve ä minigäme when you kidnäpp ä person ä gäme in which you häve to use your cloth to mäke the victim päss out änd then you häve to tie up your victim with täpe änd other things you häve to kidnäpp then äfter the gäme the Girl would be säcked up

äwso some sm or dominä stuff would be cool mäibe you ä mäster or you äwso could pläy ä femäle kidnäpper costomozing the Kidnäpper would äwso be cool .. änd the säve option is not working for me

Kepp the good work

Thanks for the kind words, I'll take note of those suggestions and see what can be done, no promises though because it's difficult to add some new game mechanics now I have a lot done. Nevertheless I'll manage to come with something 😊 thank you for playing

Love the game so far. Maybe you could add the 'original clothing' of the captives and some different poses to the safehouse options to create a bit more diversity? It's Still a really nice addition to the game though :)

Thanks a lot :D i´m adding more story-related content and that would explain why the clothes aren´t available, but thinking too on including more of them so no worries about that ;)

I like it so far but one thing I have a bit of a complaint about is the wanted system. Once you capture a girl, or more importantly, the girl that spotted you. It should honestly go down. When there's no witnesses or you capture the witness it really doesn't make sense that you're still "wanted"

Ill note the suggestion and try to do something about it. Frankly the wanted system it's a he less developed part of the game along with the xp system so I need to improve it without any doubt. Thanks for the feedback 😊

One suggestion I would make would be to have a 'handbrake' for the van, something like spacebar, something that not only brings the van to a somewhat faster stop but also so you don't accidently start going in reverse because you held it down too long and have to play with the controls.

Something else to consider, stealing larger objects, like TVs should wear you down, or behave like you're carrying a victim.

Thanks for the suggestions, I'll note them and see if something can be done soon. Hope it doesn't wear the experience playing the game. Let me know anything you see that can be upgraded or changed for good. Thanks for playing 😊

Well it's a little annoying trying tos top the van sometimes or when a victim unexpectedly makes a right turn in front of your car.  But for now it's manageable.  I'd think the looting system could wait, for small things like watches, money, ect I'd keep it the same but maybe have a backpack show up on the avatar when he picks up larger stuff like laptop and jewellery boxes, backpack will go away and you 'cash out' when you go back to the van.  Then large things should be sacked and behaved like sacked items, but maybe have something like you press E or another button to actually steal the item so you don't get into a situation where you're about to grab a victim and touch the TV instead and she turns around and starts screaming.

That make a lot of sense and I'll definitely look into it. It is true I want the player to have total control over it's actions so that sounds very good to me. Thanks for the great idea

 Alright! I have multiple things to say, and because I'm not as focused as I could be right now, I may come back to say more things later or try to clarify next time, however I wanted to get this out while it was fresh!

 Firstly, the good. All the present girls! Seriously, it is very refreshing to see those rooms fill up, and see the spoils of my efforts. The new gag noises? Wonderful! Getting different gag noises to play with is something I very much enjoy. I'm also a fan of the new panel gags, though I'm noticing the 'bit' gag is missing, intentional choice? Next, the map! I enjoy it, it's a little thing, but I feel as though this world map is better than the last one, a bit more detailed, and I like it. And of course, I noticed the reduction in hideout space! Thank goodness, now all the cells are in easy access for my kidnapper! That was very much appreciated. Also, ability to put the girls down and watch them squirm. Could I do that last time? Because I only found out I could during this game play, and yes, it does help add some help to tactical timing with the captures! ... And is just plain amusing. And, I particularly liked the tattooed girl model... she just looked good, I liked the tattooed body.

 Now, I wish I could say that everything was perfect, however of course, there were some things marring the situation. Bugs will be bugs, you know? I don't know which ones you know about and which ones you don't, and I've seen some discussion on them being fixed or not, however this is what I've ran into during my playthrough.

Bug 1: Leaving and returning to the cell deletes the description text. A real pity for me, though if I kidnap all of them in one go and don't leave the cell, I can read them all. Still, it's definitely not the best.

Bug 2: The information reports the mission a success for the kidnap the lieutenant, despite having not done the mission and not having her in the cells. This doesn't stop you from doing the mission, thankfully, however it doesn't tell you anything and assumes you were victorious.

Bug 3: Attempting to change the Lieutenant’s hair changes it to someone completely different. From blonde to brunette. This is kind of big, for me at least, it basically makes her a completely different person from my prize, or at least a completely different look.

Bug 4: One of the Docks security guards isn’t patrolling. Lower left corner, she moves, and just keeps on turning around. Had to look around a bit to find her because she’s stationary in such an out of the way spot. Had no idea she existed in the last game either, or at least I don't remember her, so I believe this is carried over from then.

 So that's all the bugs! So far at least. Interfered with my enjoyment of course as bugs will do, but hardly damning. For example, even though it hurt my ability to read the blurbs, I just challenge myself to kidnap everyone on one go! Make my own fun, still though, things to be fixed.

 Now for the not-so good. Still lacking a tutorial menu or basic instructions, I mean I just mentioned it last time so it's not like I'm surprised, however it really is a necessary little thing to have, and thus worth mentioning. In the boat mission, the camera at the top-right of where you start still sees you through the wall, and that's very annoying, everything else about that mission works for me, however the camera seeing you through the wall right at the start really makes my eye twitch.

 Now, for some queries! I noticed that this time, there wasn't a "Trainer". He didn't have anything to offer last time, but he was there. Is his lack of presence because he's been removed entirely as a concept, or just because you want to wait to put him until you have something for him? More curiosity here than anything else, and if/when he is there, if he hasn't been permanently removed, what will he actually let us do? And then, I noticed that both of the first dungeon cells and areas had sixteen total girls for capture in both cases, giving plenty to work with! Will the other areas and cells also have sixteen girls each? And if so, does this also apply to the 'special' cell section for our difficult catches?

 And that's it from me for now! I enjoyed this greatly, however felt a need to report every Bug I found, because I simply don't know if you know about them yet or not, and they did impact things. But, again, and it's hard to stress this enough, it was SO satisfying to fill up the cells, gag the different girls as I wished, and listen to the muffled sounds. So yes, this update made me very happy, and gave me a lot of entertainment! Thank you, and be well please!

As every time i really really appreciate your commentaries and depictions of good and wrong about the game, please keep reporting me as good as till today :) that would help me making a beter game for everyone

As for the rest i´ll definitely do something about the room text, mischievous camera and the rest no worries, sadly i´m not focused 100% so there would be something wrong, it has a lot of interactions by now and some of them would slip for sure.

As for the tutorial you can download a small .txt file with controls and the likes in it right in the same screen as you download the game. I thought that was a better way to portrait controls and all without interferring with the game, but thinking on the very lot of people who miss it i may put them in the start screen too...

You oculd left the captured women in the floor since the very first release so i double think about putting controls on main screen.
As for the trainer don´t worry i´ll made something with it sooner or later XD

I´m very very proud of you people enjoying that much my little game, thank you kindly. I hope you all accompany me through this journey ^^

 Ah fair enough! I'm never focused a hundred percent, so I can relate. And ah! Alright, yeah, I didn't see the tutorial file! It's nice and I'll put it to use, however again, yes, didn't see it there until you pointed out. Glad it's there though, and glad to hear the trainer is coming in the future! Fun times ahead.

 And you are very welcome! I'm definitely going to try to keep up with this until the end, whenever that may be. And I will continue to report back, because I do enjoy, and thus want to both express my enjoyment, and help it become better. So, lots of good feelings, and I'll be around!

Be well my friend. And of course I do hope you get a lot of women owned 😝

 Thank you! Also, replying to let you know that I've noticed the bug fix version and enjoy it greatly! Thank you very much for your prompt response there!

 Also, I find the stairs with the Lieutenant mission to be a nice to! Seems like something we'll see elsewhere to, at least to me, perhaps showing up in other missions or more difficult capture areas?  In any case, very nice, and glad to have a way to get to her that doesn't trigger any cameras!

I'm very happy to hear you enjoyed it 😊 hope it keeps being the same every update from now on. Thanks for the kind words 😁

I have a few questions. I have managed to kidnap 23 girls. However, I am only able to enter Room 1 of the safehouse, and in that room there is only one of my victims. Where are the others? The other three room entrances do not register me attempting to enter them, so I don't know if it's a bug or the other three rooms have not been implemented yet.

First of all thank you for playing this :D i´m happy with more and more people trying my game, and i meant it truly.

Second, there´s no bug, i´m working on the rest of the safehouse girls and rooms but sadly i had some real life matters to attend and the project came to a hault now finished so i´m back at it and soon i will upload a new version with all the actual girls working and all the market items to buy and use to customize the captured girls

I appreciate your effort in crafting the game. I understand quite well the problems that can arise due to real life. Thank you for getting back to me on this small series of questions. I sincerely look forward to any further updates that happen to come along.

 Hello. Firstly, I want to say, I'm a big fan. This addresses my fetish exactly right, so I greatly enjoy it. I feel it's important to let that be said, especially since I'm about to have some criticism.

 Firstly, the kidnap the Lieutenant on the boat is bugged. I don't know if you know that or not, however I worked to get taken on and try to grab her before filling my van with people so I could test it out. One of the cameras can see you through a wall, the one to the top-right of where you first come in, and far more importantly, the red button next to the Lieutenant that seems like it's meant to shut down the cameras, doesn't. With the way the cameras are positioned then, it makes it impossible to get to her and out without being seen. Getting there nets one sighting, and the slow-down of having her in a bag gets you sighted two more times by one camera before you can leave it's field of vision, making it a game over. I didn't know if you knew that or not, so I wanted to explain it as well as I could.

 Secondly, going in blind is very frustrating. I was able to figure out enough soon enough, but I was always wondering if I was missing something. A basic tutorial, even if it's a screen before actually getting into the game, would work wonders. E is interact, Q is stuff them in the van, etcetera.

 Thirdly, and finally for now, the hideout? Much too large for all that empty space. I'm not sure what can/will be fit into the area in the future, however right now, I walked down for long enough that I actually thought it was infinite, before walking back up. Unless you do in fact intend to fill that space with something worth that kind of area, it'd probably be better to just have it be smaller.

 Now, my criticisms aside, let me tell you why this very much worked for me and appealed to my fetishes. Firstly, the simplicity of the kidnapping. Some might need more, however for me, it's rather gratifying how utterly 'pure' our character's motivations are. He wants pretty women, and he goes for them. When he can get to them, he snatches them. And that's that. Simplicity can do a lot of wonders when used right, and nothing gets in the way of the kidnapping then. I also enjoyed the muffled noises, if anything I'd like there to be more of them on the snatches and in the van, however that they're there at all is something I find very excellent. And then the creativity of the bondage and view of them in the back of the van, each one is fun and unique in some way. Finally, while the actual holding cells are very clearly unfinished, the four who you can get in there, well, in addition to liking their artwork, I highly appreciate the little backstory blurb they get. Adds a bit of weight to the capture.

 And that's that. I very much enjoyed this work, and felt a need to let you know that I did enjoy it, while sharing my impressions. Thank you for taking the time to read, and please have a wonderful day.

Hello there and first of all thank you humble and kindly for your words, they made me smile proud about the enthusiasm you depicted the way it feels good and wrong to you. I really appreciate honesty, far beyond senseless praises so your comment it´s one of the most complete ones i got in a lot of time.

As for the bugs the mojority of them were changed and get right in a new version i was working in. Sadly, real life matters always stop in the middle of the way and right now i´m unable to spend so much time creating the update the game needs so for now it came to a stop. I am really sad about it because it´s my life project, but it cannot be helped, it must wait till things get less messy in real life.

I´m pretty happy to see people enjoy my little and poorly represented idea. I would really loved to have included professional artwork with tons of cities and girls, etc... but reality crushes our dreams like a hammer everytime.

But again and nevertheless thank you for your kind words, i hope soon i have the time and the resources to give this project the boost i intended from the beginning.

Have a good day to, my friend :)

 (Ah, real life. The bane of all good creative works. You have my sympathies. I'm very glad to hear that my comment made you smile though, and I hope that things do clear up for you and things settle down and become workable again, even good. 

 And while I certainly hope for future updating and will be watching for it, I'm in no rush. You've already made something I rather enjoy, and I wanted to let you know and thank you for it. Whenever you can and do give more to it, I will be quite elated to have it. It's certainly worth waiting for.

 Thank you for your thorough response, and your well wishes! May your day reach the point of, or continue to be, wonderful!)

Best luck to you too and do not worry, some day i´ll return to work indeed :D

Oh, excuse me for my bad memory but i forgot to mention i am planning to add some info you can buy on the market, and the little information you have about the women would change for a coplete descirption of her name, age and profession along with some notes aobut her behaviour/character :D hope everyone likes the idea as well as me ^^

 Oh no worries! And that sounds outstanding! As I mentioned I like the little blurbs of information, and for me, the more that is known about a victim, the more 'weight' her capture is given. So, very much a move towards greater enjoyment for me, I wholly approve!

I´m happy to hear that, the truth is i am constantly considering changes for the game but the info one can buy in the game is a thing i want to boost, precisely to add some personality to the women and not treat them just as meat XD

 Heheheh, as said, I'm all for it! For one thing, it will help distinguish the quality of the meat! ... I mean women. Kidding aside, I do think that will be an excellent addition, and will probably make it easier to pick favorites.

any sign of the next update? :)

Not for now sadly, times are a bit rough on my side and there´s almost no will to create anything. But it´s a matter of time things get better and i resume the game making. Thanks for writing :) hope not to dissapoint too much you people

Maybe instructions for the controls?

Hello there, i´m not entirely sure if i included the small text file with them on the latest rar file, but if not you can grab it here https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ahu9kexln9BxO4KZjiHFidOtQV9fVbPK hope it works ^^

Hey there people, i´m writting this just to invite you all to my new channel on Discord ^^ https://discord.gg/agMQwyr just in case anyone wants to give his/her opinion or do osme suggestions. Be healthy everyone!

Hello!)) I liked your game, will there be further updates, new zones will be opened?) Will it be possible to sell women, to wear clothes? And then a lot of things are sold on the market, and everything is crossed out, but why are we needed a computer and a locker, until I understood .....

Hi there. First of all i´m most flattered you liked my game ^^ thank you for so kind words.
Related to the questions you have, yes, there would be more areas and women, no, i´m not planning to add a feature to sell women because the game is about collecting them, then yes, you would have more clothes for the women and for the kidnapper (you know to enter restricted areas and all) and last but not less important yes, everything on the market is crossed out but because it would be available when the time comes and the training area is opened.

Phew... that was a huge amount of answers XD but do not hesitate if you want to ask more things ok? I´m available for suggestions as well ^^

It's kinda bare right now, but there's lots of potential! I'd love to see this developed more, there aren't many games about kidnapping, and it's a fun idea for a game.

Thank you so much for the opinion ^^ I know the content is not too rich for now but it would be increasied as the updates comes in, also i am looking for a good artist to help me doing this so the graphics would be improved too :)